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Commercial Roofing Services

JR Insulation is a certified Conklin contractor providing a variety of roofing systems that meet any roofing challenge with a long-term solution. Our high-quality roofing solutions can be applied to metal roofs, built-up roofs, Modified Bitumen, EPDM, asphalt, concrete, and more.

Save Energy

Conklin’s roof systems reflect the sun’s heat and UV rays to keep buildings cooler and reduce air conditioning costs. In addition, periodic recoats can often protect for the entire life of the roof, offering the superior protection of a Conklin roof without new roof expense.

Save Money

Repairing a roof is significantly less expensive than replacing it. And, it’s not disruptive to your business. Replacing a roof can expose your materials and equipment to the elements, and waste removal becomes an issue.

Stop Leaks

Conklin’s 100% acrylic and VOC-compliant coatings prevent leaks where they occur most – at the seams. Your entire roof is protected by a durable, waterproof finish.

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Residential & Commercial Insulation Services

We work with homeowners and contractors on home and commercial, new and retrofit projects. JR Insulation Services will help you choose the right insulation for your project keeping your budget and goals in mind. We are committed to providing affordable, quality service in a timely manner.

Home Insulation

If you’d like to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient year-round, contact JR Insulation for a free estimate. We provide insulation services for new and existing homes.

Commercial Insulation

Proper insulation in commercial properties will help ensure comfort and reduce costs by making your building more energy efficient, sound proof, and moisture resistant. Please contact JR Insulation to learn more.

Specializing in Spray Foam Insulation

  • Here’s why Spray Foam Insulation in a great choice for your home or business:
    • Good for adding to existing finished areas, around obstructions, irregularly shaped areas
    • Fills even the smallest cavities, creates an effective air barrier
    • Can reduce construction time on new builds
    • Enclosed existing wall, open new wall cavities, unfinished attic floors

Insulation Removal

Sometimes it is necessary to remove old insulation from your walls or attic before re-insulation or retrofitting. Your old insulation may need to be removed if it is:

  • Damp or wet
  • Moldy
  • Damaged by fire
  • Infested by pests/rodents

JR Insulation will assess your old insulation, and if needed, will remove it through our neat and effective process.

Spray Foam Technical Data Sheets

0.5 lb. Foam

1 lb. Foam

2 lb. Foam

3 lb. Foam